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International Organization for Migration
Review global migration reports, assistance programs, and trafficking data. Contact field offices and read publications.

International Organization for Migration (IOM) / Organisation internationale pour les migrations (OIM) / Organización I
... The Migration-Development Nexus. This collection of ... on the relationship between migration and development, discussing such ... International Migration, Vol. 41, No. 3, Special Issue ...

German Forced Labour Compensation Program - International Organization for Migration
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) handles claims and pays compensation to former non-Jewish forced and slave labourers under the Nazi regime

Welcome Page
As the leading International Organization for Migration, IOM acts with its partners in the international community to: Assist in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration management, Advance understanding of migration issues, Encourage ...

Employment opportunities in IOM
Vacancies - Staffing principles - Recruitment procedures - Who can apply - How to apply - Internships - Associate Experts - United Nations Volonteers (UNV)

The James Family Home Page
... Looking for the International Organisation for Migration or the Institute of Medicine? ...

Welcome to IOM Helsinki

IOM in Bosnia and Herzegovina
IOM Mission in BiH International Organization for Migration rujan 25, 2003 Copyright © IOM Sarajevo

International Labour Organization
Take a look at international labor standards and human-rights information. Covers conference and meeting details and programs. ... ». International Labour Standards ... Cambodia's Garment Sector. International Labour Conference. Report of the ... © 1996-2002 International Labour Organization (ILO) - Disclaimer ...

US Association for International Migration - IOMinAfghanistan
Broaden public awareness and mobilize private sector resources in support of programs that provide assistance to migrants and refugees. ... Initiatives (OTI), working with the International Organization of Migration (IOM), Voice of America (VOA), and ...

EU RQA : Home Page
Afghanistan is slowly recovering from the damage caused by more than 20 years of strife and instability. Qualified and highly qualified Afghans are being sought to help rebuild the country to its former greatness. ... The International Organization for Migrationâ??s (IOM) Return for Qualified Afghans programme (EU-RQA), which is co-funded ...

International Organizations
... International Organization for Migration (IOM). Web address in full profile ... helping win asylum cases worldwide
... for the US. Link >> news archive >> Welcome to, a free website run by an international consortium ... Join our international community of nearly ...

international organization for migration

International Labour Migration - Homepage
... For further information, please contact the International Migration Branch. at Tel: +41.22.799.6667, Fax: ... Copyright © 1996-2003 International Labour Organization (ILO) - Disclaimer ...

Center for Migration Studies
Learn about the New York-based institute's research programs and conferences. Also offers a publications list and an archive search service. ... The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is an intergovernmental organization of 59 member states and 42 ...

International Migration Policies and Programmes by International Organization for Migration at
Shop here for International Migration Policies and Programmes and find more books by International Organization for Migration.

International Inter-governmental Organization Web Page Finder ... org: 80/ external/ np/ sec/ decdo/ iooc. htm. INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MIGRATION (IOM) ...

International Organization for Migration Resume Bank
... The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Technical Cooperation Centre in Vienna is compiling a resume bank of ...

United Nations and Other International Organizations
Offers links to U.N. and related international organizations. Offices listed in alphabetical order. ... Trafficking in Human Beings. International Organization for Migration. ...

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