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Dept of State Visa Services
Access recommended vaccinations, required application info, legislation and foreign entry requirements. Includes FAQs. ... Diversity Visa Lottery 2005. Fees - Visa Services. Immigrant Visas. Marriage to Foreign Nationals ...

State Department Visa Bulletin
State Department's monthly bulletin with information on immigrant numbers, employment-based preferences and visa availability.

Immigrant Visas - Main page
Information about immigration to the U.S. ... U.S. Consulate General; Immigrant Visa Section. Museumplein 19, 1071 DJ Amsterdam ...

Immigrant Visa Services
United States Embassy [e-mail] See more of our Site Ambassador Page Civic Education Coalition Against Terrorism Programs and Exchanges Education/Study in the States Home Page Middle East Peace Page Press & Program Activities Information Resource

Visa Services: Immigrant Visas - Index
... An immigrant visa is required of anyone who wishes to enter the United States to reside there permanently, whether or ...

US State Department - National Visa Center
Find information about immigrant visas from the Bureau of Consular Affairs. ... of State opened a permanent Immigrant Visa processing facility at the National Visa Center (NVC) in Portsmouth, ...

U. S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs
... for the 2005 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. Visa Waiver Program. Visa Bulletin. J Visa Waivers. Visa Reciprocity ...

2000 Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery
Description of the 1999 Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery program ... INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE 2000 DIVERSITY IMMIGRANT VISA PROGRAM (DV-2000) ...

Immigrant visas
Immigrant visa services are available for those who are qualified to take up permanent residence in the USA

Visa Bulletin, Immigration, State Department, Priority Dates, Law Offices of Carl Shusterman,
VISA BULLETIN FOR SEPTEMBER 2003 Law Offices of Carl Shusterman - Return to Homepage (Search Tips) Immigrant visas are numerically limited by category and by country of chargeability (which is, in most cases one's country of birth). What follows is

Immigrant Visa Unit
IMMIGRANT VISA UNIT 4 Le Duan Blvd., District 1, Ho Chi Minh City ... under this category in addition to the normal immigrant visa processing fees if you are approved for returning resident ...

Non-immigrant Visa
(for Non-American Citizens) This page contains information from our Visa unit for people in our consular district. ... call the visa information line at (03)5354-4033, or contact the Immigrant Visa Unit, American Embassy in Tokyo at the ...

Immigrant Visas - Introduction
General information on Immigrant Visas (Green Cards) ... elcome to our immigrant visa information pages! The Instructions for the 2005 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV-2005) ...

U.S. Embassy Ankara Turkey
... Immigrant Visa. .Interview Schedule. Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV -2004) ...

How do I get an Immigrant Visa Number? How do I get an Immigrant Visa Number?
... What is an Immigrant Visa Number? An immigrant is someone who is not a U.S. citizen but has been authorized to ...

Immigrant Visas Section main menu
... Immigrant Visa Section -- Regentlaan 25, Boulevard du Régent, B-1000 Brussels ...

Diplomatic Mission to Germany - Visa Information
... Immigration, Fiancees, Green Card etc. Immigrant Visa Information. Visa for Fiance(e)s ...

US Embassy Norway - Embassy Services
... The non-refundable fee to apply for a non-immigrant visa is 700 NOK. ...

U.S. Embassy Almaty, Kazakhstan: Immigrant Visa Services
Immigrant Visa Services The process to apply for an immigrant visa is initiated by either a family member or a petitioning employer in the United States with the INS.

Immigrant 'visa card' can only buy so much security |
A high-tech visa system is gaining support in Washington. The idea is to track more thoroughly the entry and exit of 300 million annual US visitors.

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