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California: Governor vetoes undocumented driver's license bill [AB60]
Posted on 09/30/2002 10:00 PM PDT by heleny Governor vetoes undocumented driver's license bill By DON THOMPSON Associated Press Writer

Immigrant Driver's License Proposals and Campaigns: Surprising Progress Since 9/11
... IMMIGRANT DRIVER'S LICENSE PROPOSALS AND CAMPAIGNS: SURPRISING PROGRESS SINCE 9/11 ... At least four states, including California, Missouri, New York, and South Carolina, currently are ...

... LICENSE BILL DIVIDES IMMIGRANT LOBBY. The San Jose Mercury News says "A revamped proposal to allow illegal immigrants to apply for California driver's ... Davis Signs Immigrant Driver's License Bill
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California Driver's License Bill Needs More Attention
... California Driver's License Bill Needs. More Media Atrtention ... The illegal immigrant driverâ??s license bill is an important issue in California, where foreigners often circumvent ...

Immigrant Driver's License Restrictions Challenged in Some States
IMMIGRANTS & PUBLIC BENEFITS DRIVER'S LICENSES FOR IMMIGRANTS: BROAD DIVERSITY CHARACTERIZES STATES' REQUIREMENTS Immigrants' Rights Update, Vol. 16. No. 7, November 22, 2002 (overview of states' requirements updated 2/6/03)

Texas Immigrant and Refugee Coalition Recommendations on Texas Driver's License Law
Texas Immigrant and Refugee Coalition 3218 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Suite 103, Austin, TX 78721 512-457-1963 · Fax 512-457-9871 November 3, 1999 Mr. Mike Anderson Chief of Drivers License Division Texas Department of Public Safety -- ca -- Davis signs driver's license bill
... safer driver.". The driver's license issue has been one of the top priorities for immigrant communities across ... allowed to obtain driver's licenses in California. But beginning in ...

My Folsom Forums -> Overturn Illegal Immigrant Driver's License Law
Eureka! I found it at MyFolsom.Com! MyFolsom.Com offers you an informative look at Folsom, California, as well as a free Folsom Forum and Free Sacramento-Area Classifieds. ... Immigrant Driver's License Law. This was law SB60 that governor Davis signed that will allow illegal immigrants to get a California ...

Davis signs immigrant driver's license bill / Signature after 2 vetoes seen as move to get votes
... Davis signs immigrant driver's license bill. Signature after 2 vetoes seen as move ... In a move many California Latinos consider an overdue show of respect for immigrant workers, Gov. ...

Driver's License
How to get an American driver's license - a guide for U.S. immigrants ... already have a driver's license from another country, or ... I-94 card (if non-immigrant) or alien registration card ... Exception: The State of California requires that you bring a ...

California Coalition for Immigration Reform
Illegal alien driver's license bill (California's AB-60) NEWS ABOUT CALIFORNIA''s AB60 (Gil Cedillo - D-Los Angeles) ... applicants for a drivers' license must provide proof of being a LEGAL IMMIGRANT. The actual bill analysis from both ... Driver's License Changes Test Limits Of Civil Liberties
... Anti-Terrorism > Driver's License Changes Test ... immigrant licenses, according to the National Immigration Law Center. But only a dozen states - California, Colorado, ...

Davis signs farmworker bill, vetoes driver's license measure - 10/1/02 -
... California's medical oversight, including allowing the publication of doctors' malpractice settlements in some cases. He vetoed the controversial immigrant driver's license ...

Driver's License Security: Essential to Homeland Security
research paper by the Federation for American Immigration Reform ... that the driverâ??s license is more than just a ... Requires citizen or immigrant applicants to present ... get a license or ID: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, ...

State: Driver's license policies now under scrutiny
... to obtain a driver's license. The form, an arrival-departure record, lists the date an immigrant arrived in the ... voters glad it's California's turn. No serious injuries ...

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should California link Selective Service registration to driver license applications? (11/02/01)
... Should California link Selective Service registration to driver license applications? ... AMERICAN MEN BORN HERE HAVE THAT OBLIGATION, WHY SHOULD'NT THE IMMIGRANT YOUNG MEN HAVE THE SAME. ...

Mercury News | 09/06/2002 | Davis struggles with driver's license security after attacks
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Monterey County Herald | 09/07/2002 | State debates driver's license
... making those decisions, countered Michele Waslin, immigrant policy analyst for National Council of ... California has had the most extensive immigration driver's license debate of any ...

California: Economy, Driver's Licenses
Volume 6 Number 7 California: Economy, Driver's Licenses California's unemployment rate fell to 5.2 percent in May 1999, the lowest rate since 1990, as the state added 56,000 jobs, almost 2,000 a day. ... workers in California and other immigrant destinations, such as ... a Texas driver's license, and Florida implemented ...

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