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National Family Caregivers Association
Based in Kensington, Maryland, this organization defines caregiving and posts related statistics. Review survey reports, caregiving tips, and membership details. ... Healthcare Professionals. National Family Caregiver Story Project ... Welcome to the Internet home of the National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA). NFCA is a grass roots ...

National Fastpitch Coaches Association
Official home based in Columbia, Missouri. See national scores, current and archived tips, rankings, job listings, and daily headlines.

NFCA Home Plate
The central source of information about fastpitch softball in the world, NFCA Homeplate is the gathering place for coaches, players, umpires and fans of fastpitch.

Family Caregiver Alliance
Supports caregivers of brain-impaired adults and offers education, research and services information. ... Monograph: Paid Family and Medical Leave. Monograph: Caregiver Depression. Información en Español ...

National Parkinson Foundation
Find the latest news and developments in Parkinson's disease research. Includes a list of publications and events. ... Parkinson Support Group. National Family Caregiver Story Project ... sales are donated to the National. Parkinson Foundation ... Copyright 1996 - 2003, The National Parkinson Foundation Inc ...

NFCA: National Family Caregivers Association. Caregiving Resources.
NFCA: National Family Caregivers Association. Dedicated to making life better for America's family caregivers. Includes information on NFC Month, caregiving resources, and services for caregivers. ... Caregiver Self Advocacy. 4 Messages to Live By ... person when you are a family caregiver? How can you gain ... them NFCA's Principles of Caregiver Empowerment. They are the fundamental ...

National Association of Baby Boomers
Provides news articles, government reports and Web sites dedicated to such topics as social security, taxes, health and family issues. ... Caregiver Alliance. ParenTech (educational program about technology for families). National Parenting Information Network. National ...

Administration on Aging
Department of Health and Human Services section offers forums, advice on finding help, reports, and a newsletter. ... National Family Caregiver Support Program Executive Summary 2003 ... National Family Caregivers Month - November 2003 ... to professionals for promoting National Family Caregivers Month 2003. ...

Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center
ADEAR center directs consumers to a range of government-sponsored research and assistance programs.

Resource Center | Safe Return
The Alzheimer's Association, a national voluntary health organization, provides information and services to people with Alzheimer's, caregivers, researchers, physicians, and health care professionals. ... Safe Return is a national, government-funded program of the Alzheimer Association that assists in the ... alerts the family members or caregiver listed in the database, so they ...

National Alliance for Caregiving
National non-profit agency for caregivers offers tips on caring for seniors. Access a searchable database of caregiving resources and more.

The Resourceful Caregiver Helping Family Caregivers Help Themselves - National Family Caregivers Association Staff ( ISB
The Resourceful Caregiver Helping Family Caregivers Help Themselves - National Family Caregivers Association Staff - 0815155565 - 111345 : buy online.

Direct CareGiver Association
... organization, the Direct Caregiver Association has created an innovative Caregiver Resource Center. ... National projections indicate that the need for qualified individuals in this ...

Direct CareGiver Association
Our nation is experiencing an alarming lack of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and Certified Caregivers. ... The Direct CareGiver Association is a national not-for-profit organization which seeks to bring innovation, solid ...

National Caregiver Month
Provides information and links of interest to Seniors.

Major Caregiver Organizations | Project on Death in America
PDIA Caregiver Profiles Caregiver Organization Categories: � Nonprofit: · The Major National Organizations · Other National / Major Operations · Disease Specific · Membership Organizations · Faith-Based · Regional � Government sponsored

WebMD Health: The Hardest Job a Man May Ever Have
More and more American men are faced with the daunting task of caring for sick and disabled loved ones. As health providers and caregiver organizations recognize this growing trend, they are struggling to come up with ways to offer help to the men who sp

National Network of Career Nursing Assistants
The official website for the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants. ... National NA Forum & 6th Annual NA Leadership Connfence - Washington DC, October 18-19, 2003. Serving Others, the Great American Caregiver ... Admissions/Marketing Directors Association ...

Caregiver Support
... Join the National Family Caregiver Association for Free Information, Support, Training and Discounts! ...

Family Caregiving National Conference NHC-NQCC
... Foundation and other national caregiver groups; the American Hospital Association, the American Association on Mental ...

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