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University of Minnesota - Immigration History Research Center
American immigration and ethnic history organization provides links to archived materials and a guide to family-history resources. ... Founded in 1965, the Immigration History Research Center enriches society by preserving and promoting understanding of ...

American Family Immigration History Center
... Inscribe a name on the American Immigration Wall of Honor at ... Create and maintain your Family History Scrapbook. - Free printouts and discounts. ...

Digital History
Digital History enhances history teaching and research through primary sources, an online textbook, extensive reference resources, and interactive materials. ... Landmarks in Immigration History. 1795. Naturalization Act restricts citizenship to "free white persons" who reside in ...

Homework Center - Language Arts
The Multnomah County Library Homework Center organizes over 3500 carefully reviewed K-12 education and homework help resources for students, teachers, media specialists, and librarians.

Chinese Immigration History - Angel Island, SF
Chronicles the history of the Chinese immigration experience through Angel Island, San Francisco, between 1910 and 1940. Includes photographs. ... Ellis Island in New York's harbor, Angel Island is a visible reminder of a shameful period in U.S. immigration history. ...

404 - Requested Page Has Moved
404 - Requested Page Has Moved On March 1, 2003, the Immigration and Naturalization Service became part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and its functions were divided into various bureaus of that department. ... http:// www. immigration. gov/ graphics/ aboutus/ history/ teacher/ resources. ...

American Immigration
Here is not merely a nation, but a teeming nation of nations. The American Immigration Home Page was started as a part of a school project for a 10th grade American History Class.

Center for Immigration Studies
... History. Immigration has played an important role in American history, and the United States continues to have the most ...

Immigration... The Changing Face of America
Feature presentation for teachers on the history of immigration to the U.S., The Learning Page, The Library of Congress ... Welcome to Immigration web site introduction using Flash technology. ...

Yahoo! Directory U.S. History > Immigration
... and Swedish cultures. Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) - resource on American immigration and ethnic history. ...

History Channel - Ellis Island
Read about the history of Ellis Island - "follow in the footsteps of immigrants through processing, and test yourself with questions used in immigrant interviews."

Immigration History & Genealogy
A crucial resource for anyone researching immigration history or genealogy. ... > Free Credit Report. Advertisement. Immigration History & Genealogy. Guide picks ...

Brief History of Immigration
History of immigration to Australia, convicts, shipping, squatters and the Eureka Stockade and goldrush ... Brief History of Immigration to Australia: Early immigration to Australia can be divided into three main catergories: ...

Immigration Museum - Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
The Immigration Museum, Melbourne, Australia aims to take visitors on a journey to discover the many dimensions of the migration experience from the 1800s through to the present day in Victoria.

FAIR - U.S. Immigration History
A knowledge of past immigration trends helps put our present mass immigration into perspective. In the Historical Data section, we present official records of the annual admission of legal immigrants. The thumbnail descriptions of Early Immigration

Ellis Island History
Provides an overview of the island's use as an immigration processing center between 1897 and 1938. Includes a timeline and many first-hand accounts of the experience. ... Ellis Island History. Today's visitors to Ellis Island, although unencumbered by bundled possessions ... of the business-like machinery of immigration inspection, the restored Main Hall ...

Immigration History - Allyn & Bacon / Longman Catalog
... © 2002 / 0-205-33352-4 / Allyn & Bacon. Immigration History ...

Ellis Island
... Welcome to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum Website. Ellis ... enjoyment of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Come explore our ... Ellis Island Immigration Museum. New York, NY 10004 ...

From Revolution to Reconstruction: Outlines: American History (1994): Chapter Eight: A Nation of Nations (6/6)
USA-project, outlines-area, An outline of American History by the United States Information Agency ... No country's history has been more closely bound to immigration than that of the United States. ...

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