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A hundred years of immigration to Canada
A hundred years of immigration to Canada 1900 - 1999 A chronology focusing on refugees and discrimination 41,681 immigrants were admitted to Canada. Clifford Sifton held the position of Minister of Interior (with responsibilities for immigration).

Immigrants to Canada in Nineteenth Century - Ships - Emigration Reports - Emigration Handbooks
... Extracts From The Annals of the Port of Quebec 1535-1900. Arrivals at Grosse Isle in 1866 ... of the Atlantic, 1873. Immigration report for western Canada, 1887 with lists of ...

CIC Canada | Forging Our Legacy: Canadian Citizenship and Immigration, 1900-1977
During the boom period, 1947­1957, immigration restrictions were gradually eased to admit not only unsponsored refugees and displaced persons but ordinary immigrants from a growing number of countries. ... prepared to abolish Canada's racist immigration policy. ... racism from Canada's immigration policy belongs ... the "White Canada" immigration policy. Canada abolishes its racist immigration ...

CIC Canada | The Role of Transportation in Canadian Immigration 1900-2000
Toward a New Era: A Transition Period in Transportation and Policy The Postwar Era ... in the evolution of Canada's immigration policy. ... growth of Canada's population through immigration. Emphasizing that Canada ... important point in Canada's immigration history. For the ...

Recherche | Site du Canada Immigration
Accéder au moteur de recherche du site du gouvernement du Canada ... 8. The Chinese Immigration Act. Home / Games / Contact Us / Help / Search / Canada Site. 1900-1924 1925-1949 1950-1974 ...

Immigration to Canada of People of Finnish Origin or Birth 1900-77
Institute of Migration Immigration to Canada of People of Finnish Origin or Birth 1900-1977 (according to Canadian statistics) (Emigranter från Finland till Kanada 1900-1977) The Bulletin of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario.

Cyndi's List - Ships & Passenger Lists
More than 182,500 links! 179,550 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 150 categories. Another 2,900+ uncategorized new links in the works.

Displaced Persons' Immmigration to Canada
... Immigration to Canada. Before 1918 Galicia was in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and immigrants ... advertis/ ads1- 01e. html. Immigration advertising in Europe 1900 -1920s. http:// www. ...

Cyndi's List - Immigration & Naturalization
More than 182,500 links! 179,550 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 150 categories. Another 2,900+ uncategorized new links in the works.

Basdeo - INDIANS IN CANADA 1900-1914
EAST INDIANS IN CANADAâ??S PACIFIC COAST 1900-1914 AN ENCOUNTER IN RACE RELATIONS by Sahadeo Basdeo About three generations ago, Professor Lilian Knowles in her seminal three volume study entitled The Economic Development of the British Overseas

Immigration To Canada: Canada's Campaign
In the year 1900, over 45,000 immigrants came to Western Canada. The previous year over 35,000 immigrants had come, but they were not pouring in so enthusiastically without a great deal of encouragement. ... 1900, to over 135,000 people. In 1905, however, Clifford Sifton was succeeded by Frank Oliver, who introduced more strict racial discrimination into Canada's immigration ...

Canada immigration and United States Immigration Issues. Canada employment and United States employment. Resources on W
Information about Canada immigration issues. Canada employment and investment opportunities. Canadian Employment and United States employment. Online information about job placements in Canada and job qualifications in Canada.

Immigration to Canada
... Indian immigrants was blatant in Canada's immigration policy throughout the early 1900's. The deportation of many ...

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This annotated bibliography is concerned with material about recent immigration to Canada and immigrants in Canada. It focuses on material published between 1982 - 1992. ... RECHERCHE SUR L'IMMIGRATION AU CANADA. 1982 à 1992 ... Chinatown: demographic, ecological and organizational change, 1900-1980. Urban History Review/Revue d'histoire urbaine, ...

The Immigration Experience
... ...From June 14, 1897 through December 16, 1900 The Barge Office was reactivated and used until the new ... Grosse Ile was Canada's "Immigration Station," and is now a Canadian ... - Invitation à l'immigration dans l'Ouest canadien - Pour en savoir plus
... Bothwell, Robert, Ian Drummond, John English. Canada: 1900-1945. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1987 ... Macdonald, Norman. Canada: Immigration and Colonization, 1841-1903 ...

Immigration / Emigration Official Documents & Immigration Reports
... Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Canada Immigration Report 1900. Extracts from the the 1900 Canadian Immigration ...

Search | Canada Site Immigration policy
Search engine for Government of Canada Web sites ... 7. CIC Canada | The Role of Transportation in Canadian Immigration 1900-2000. Français. Contact Us. ...

The Peopling of Canada (1891-1921): Bibliography
... Emigration/Immigration: General. Canada: 1900-1945. Robert Bothwell, Ian Drummond, John English ...

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